Maid Services Hiring Doesn’t Have to Suck

  • January 24, 2017
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Maid Services Hiring That DOESN’T Drive You Crazy

Episode 183 Travis Bliffen Tidy Tennessee

Today Mike hosts Travis Bliffen, owner of  Tidy Tennessee Maid service and coaches on how to handle maid services hiring.  Travis was a guest on another podcast Mike hosts- Conversations With a Genius as an SEO expert.  Before they jump into maid services hiring, Mike mentions a couple of additional resources you might dig…


Travis was searching for an unmet need in the market from a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) perspective. He identified that there are more people searching for cleaning than there was services to fill the need.

Originally he was going to find those leads and pass them onto cleaning businesses but decided the opportunity is too good to pass up and started his own maid services company.

KEY POINT: There are two obstacles that must be overcome to run a successful janitorial or maid service

  1. Getting and keeping good customers

  2. Getting and keeping good employees

Since Travis has a strong marketing/ client attraction background, he is looking for help on the employee piece of the puzzle. Specifically, what are some of the drawbacks to maid services hiring on salary versus hourly pay.

Travis mentions that his maid services hiring process attracts employees who want to work 40 hours a week, but Travis doesn’t always have a steady 40 hours of work for them. This caused him to consider putting employees on salary and paying them a flat weekly rate.

KEY POINT: Just because a cleaner says they want 40 hours/ week doesn’t mean that is your best business model

Prospective employees will tell you they have kids, need the money, work hard, etc. When you actually start working them 40 hours a week 1 of 3 things will happen:

  1. You find a unicorn and life is great
  2. They get burnt out and quit
  3. Their work steadily declines until they quit or you fire them

STRATEGY: For maid services hiring, start all cleaning employees at 15-20 hours a week

Cleaning is physical labor and very few can or will clean 30+ hours/ week for any sustained time. Start employees slow and allow them to EARN the ability to get more hours.

There are only 2 types of work in the cleaning business:

  1. For pay (cleaning)
  2. Not for pay (not cleaning)

The margins in the cleaning business aren’t good enough to pay cleaners a salary where much of their time is spent on not for pay work (not cleaning).

Travis asks how you handle maid services hiring when you want to offer 20 hours/ week to start, but your prospective employees say they need 40 hours a week. He is concerned they will constantly be on the lookout for another job if they don’t feel they are getting enough hours.

WISDOM NUGGET: Trying to convince someone to do something they don’t want to do is thankless, fruitless, frustrating work

It’s much easier to help someone do what they already want to do. Instead of writing hiring advertisements that attract people who want 40 hours/ week. Write ads that are going to attract customers that only want to work the hours you have for them.

The key is not to attract high quantity of employee leads, you need high quality employee leads. Employees that want to work. That value what you are offering.

So many owners get into the cleaning business  and discover early on that finding, hiring and keeping employees is harder than they thought. They assume if they just overpay in their maid services hiring, they will get better employees that won’t be a headache.

KEY POINT: The More Money Myth DOESN’T Work in maid services hiring

You certainly need to pay fair wages and it doesn’t hurt to pay just a bit above fair wages, but money is NOT what is going to attract and keep top talent. Prospective employees are seeking community. The opportunity to participate in something bigger than themselves.

Most prospective cleaning employees have jumped from one low wage job to the next. Their bosses operated under the “More Money Myth”, which goes something like this…

“I am paying you 10/hr so sit down and shut up and do what I tell you to do.”

This makes it very tempting for your employees to jump ship at the first opportunity.

RESOURCE ALERT: Check out this AWESOME VIDEO on hiring good management

Create a community that your employees, customers and vendors value. Show them they are valued and appreciated. They aren’t just a pair of hands for you to make money with. All of this is done by the magic of Core Values- click below for more free resources on Core Values

RESOURCE ALERT: Get a complete playlist of all of our amazing Cleaning Employee Podcasts HERE

When you get this right, you transform employees from a necessary evil to a community that you love and enjoy! Before we end today’s blog, allow us to share Travis’s responses to the…

Lightening Round

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
Don’t be afraid to take imperfect action.
Biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business?
Not building a good enough employee attraction system and not having enough employees to keep up with demand.
One thing Cleaning Nation can do today to improve their lives or their business?
Generate your own leads. Don’t depend on others.

Of course the conversation isn’t complete without you! Drop your knowledge, experience and questions around maid services hiring in the comments below…

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