How to Start “Focusing” Your Cleaning Company AFTER Already Being Wildly Successful

  • March 05, 2018
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How to Start “Focusing” Your Cleaning Company AFTER Already Being Wildly Successful

Today, we’re chatting with Travis Grant!

We talk a lot Cleaning Nation about what to do when you’re a young and scrappy janitorial company just starting out. But what happens down the road when you have a ton of business coming in and you want to “reign it in” to make it a more focused, well oiled machine?

That is exactly what Travis and I chatted about today on the podcast. Travis was hired to be the business development director of a massively successful cleaning company, and his question was how do you really hone an established company WITHOUT rocking the boat?

This is an awesome position to be in, because you already have a lot of data of what has been working for the company. You likely already have good hiring systems and client attraction systems in place, or at least “good enough” to get you to where you are, now it is just time to double down on that data that shows what is working the best for you.

The first step is to go through ALL of your cleaning accounts.

Look at the accounts that are giving you the most bang for your bucket and drivin the biggest portion of revenue. Write these ones down… is there anything here that stands out?

Maybe they’re all in the restaurant niche, or they’re all a certain type of residential client. Take note of these as they will likely become your target market. Next, look at the worst performing accounts. These accounts that are in the “red” (you can learn what is considered red, yellow and green in terms of profitability by buying my Cleaning Profit Method course) you need to raise prices on right now.

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A few of these clients will quit outright, but that’s okay. Most will likely stay and you will immediately have bumped those accounts up to the green level of profitability which is a big win for an established company (or any company).

Next, you will look at your marketing budget. You want to get rid of any portion of the marketing budget that does not target the specific target market you discovered (the accounts that were the most profitable when you went through the books).

A company like this might not have dedicated marketing funnels, but rather advertising a bit to “everyone”. You can fine-hone this marketing to go directly after your target market. You will always get a bit of residual leads from old marketing and word of mouth you’ve done, but that’ll just be gravy on top.

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Doing these things are the easiest way to switch the focus of a company to become more targeted without alienating your current client base or rocking the boat at the actual company you’re working for – if anything you’ll be driving profits up by charging what you’re worth on key accounts and making our marketing tighter and more focused on getting more of the most profitable type of client.

Lightning Round

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?
I don’t know everything! It is easy to get trapped into thinking that the way you feel about things might shut you off from listening to other people.
What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?.
Overvaluing gross profits. You might have a million dollar gross but only making fifty thousand in profit. You have to be super careful with your numbers.
What’s one idea cleaning nation can put into practice to improve their business or their lives immediately?
Morale in the company is key. Start treating employees like you would your customers. Your employees are the direct connection to your customers. Unhappy employees will transmit their unhappiness to the customer.
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