How to Make Sure You are Reaching Your Cleaning Compnay Growth Goals

  • October 23, 2017
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Why You Don’t Need Different Customers to Hit Major Growth in Your Cleaning Company

Today we’re talking with Cindy Wolford!

It is so easy to think we need to pivot when we want to REALLY grow our company… when in reality we just need to focus more on what we are already doing!

If you’re primarily a residential cleaning company, you might think that commercial contracts are the REAL way to go if you want to scale up your business. Ironically, commercial cleaners often view residential cleaning contracts in the same light. There’s pros and cons to each, but depending on your goals, both will likely get you there.

Instead of pivoting to commercial cleaning where you’d have to learn an entire new set of systems and pain points to overcome, dive deeper into your residential clients to increase your top-line revenue growth.

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Look at your city right now, estimate the population of homeowners and remove 80% of that population. That remaining 20% will be your target market. Obviously, you can still target the other 80% but this is just a good conservative way to see if the numbers exist in your local area for the kind of growth you want your company to achieve.

Instead of changing your niche… do the math.

If that population is 200,000 homeowners, and your goal is to get to an extra $25,000 in monthly recurring revenue that means you’ll need 100 new clients paying you $250 per month. That is less than 1% of market penetration. In fact, that is 0.0005% market penetration!

Instead of pivoting you just need to get BETTER at on-boarding your clients.

You need to create a marketing system that can get more people raising their hands, picking up their phone, and buying your cleaning services. At the same time, you also need to start creating a system to attract top talent that wants to work for your cleaning company now. If you need a fully trained cleaner today, you better had started that process two months ago.

If your company is always filling up with applicants looking for work, you can bring on multiple part-time cleaners that get trained on how to do a good clean. As your business grows with new clientele you can either keep hiring part time, or get rid of the bad employees while rewarding the good employees with full time hours. Either way, you want this applicant pool always being refilled by people interested in working with you.

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Your marketing system needs to target your chosen niche. It should be so targeted that everyone knows you. You need to become FAMOUS in your niche. It can’t be just a few homeowners that like you and five or so business owners that happen to know your name. It needs to be your exact target audience talking about you and how you are the best game in town when it comes to high quality cleaning.

So remember, you don’t need to switch from residential to commercial just to make your income goals. Run the numbers. It is more than likely there is plenty of potential clients to go around for you to scale your business with. Also remember though, that your client attraction system and hiring system will need to work in tandem as you aggressively on-board new clients!

Lightning Round

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?
Hire slow. Fire fast.
What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?
Spent too much on marketing too fast before allowing the revenue to catch up with the business, and not enough cleaners to catch up with the new business.
What’s one idea cleaning nation can put into practice to improve their business or their lives immediately?
Get up and do a good cleaning every day. Be trustworthy, if you break something tell them. Be reliable, if you say you will be there every Wednesday at 9 then be there every Wednesday at 9!

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