How to Hire Cleaning Employees That ROCK!

  • April 20, 2017
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The Key to Gaining and Maintaining Cleaning Business Customers and Employees!

Today we are chatting with Patti Thrasher from Cleaning Made Easy. Mike coaches Patti on how to hire cleaning employees that work hard and stay with you!


  1. Consistently attract and retain customers.
  2. Consistently AND systematically attract dependable employees.

Bonus Cleaning Nation Fact Snack: You’ve solved about 85% of all problems in the cleaning business if you can track and keep both customers and employees!

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There are three CRUCIAL parts to consider on how to hire cleaning employees:

  1. Attraction
  2. Hiring
  3. Onboarding

If you get any of them wrong it can put a kink in the whole system!

Do you have enough qualified applicants showing up? When you only have bad and worse to choose from, you’re never going to solve your problem.

What about when you do hire, how long are your employees staying before they quit?

RESOURCE ALERT:  If you have employees that are quitting and you’re struggling with onboarding…checkout all of these amazing shows on Core Values 


Let’s look briefly at the first two crucial aspects of keeping employees AND customers: the attraction and how to hire cleaning employees.

In order to get the right people on your team and hired you must IDENTIFY YOUR CORE VALUES!

The attraction and hiring process are very core value-centric. Whether you value loyalty, honesty, hard work, people that do what they say they are going to do, or whatever it might be, you need to be “loud and proud” about what it is you want out of your employees!  You need to state this up front in order to get the right people on YOUR TEAM!

If you have a great core value fit with your employees, we can move onto the onboarding process!

For Patricia, somewhere between weeks two and three, her employees quit.  Sounds like there is something else going on with them!

After discussing more with Patricia, it turns out that her employees are less than reliable. She picks up her employees at a public parking lot because they do not have transportation of their own! Yikes!

Bonus-Something to “Chew On” for Cleaning Nation: Look at your employees and who they are—are they not able to get themselves to one point or the other? This may be a red flag.

KEY POINT: Establish Minimum Standards for Performance

When it comes to how to hire cleaning employees, clarify in your mind and on paper what are the must-haves and absolutely-nots for your employees:

  1. Do they need to speak English
  2. Are they able to work here in the US
  3. Required to not be a felon
  4. Have reliable transportation
  5. Drug testing

Step one: Believe that you can hire people that are good enough for your cleaning company.

Step two: Look at different demographics.

KEY POINT: People who have something to work for generally do a better job

  • Think about the individual you’re hiring and their motivation for earning money.
  • A college kid versus a single mom who needs money, their motivation is definitely going to be different!

First: Look for people who really need the money—people who really want the work!

Second: People that don’t need the money but need the community engagement.

  • Stay at home moms who need adult conversations but still dependable.

To sum up:

  1. Believe that there are good people who want to work!
  2. Ensure that your employees can transport themselves.
  3. Create better standards in terms of speaking English, solid work history, legal insurance, no drug use, not criminal history.

Finally, Patti brings the heat in the …

Lightning Round

What is the best advice you have ever received?
That I am here to make money and not friends!
What is the biggest mistake in your cleaning business?
Trusting my sister,( my best friend),and thinking that she’s doing what she’s supposed to be doing and then not checking up on her!
What is one idea that cleaning nation can put in practice right away that will improve their lives and/or businesses?
Always go above and beyond your customers’ expectations! Doing something extra really makes a difference. For example, the other day, I cleaned out a customer’s oven free of charge! This is great for your business and great for the soul! Best customer service to do something for nothing!

Cleaning Nation: thank you for joining us today! If you want to check out our podcast with Patricia you can scroll back and give your ears something to smile about!  Don’t forget to check us out on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook! Comment below, we respond to all comments!



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