How to Get Clients For My Cleaning Business : 123: Steffanie Finkiewicz

  • September 05, 2016
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How to Get Clients For My Cleaning Business

Wondering “How to get clients for my cleaning business”? Ever wish there was a magic website that would bring you leads day in and day out? Today’s podcast and podcast are for you. Mike chat’s with HomeAdvisor’s very own Steffanie Finkiewicz.

Mike and Steffanie talk about the good old days when HomeAdvisor started as Service Magic in 1999 (that’s 318 internet years ago).

And how HomeAdvisor stepped into the big leagues in 2003 when they were purchased by IAC (, the brains behind, Vimeo and College Humor.

This is when they moved from general services to home project services. This is a big deal for owners of cleaning companies who say “I want to get clients for my cleaning business!”

FUN STAT:  has served over 35 million people with more than 11 million project requests in the last 12 months.

Show my how to get clients for MY cleaning company Mike!!

First, businesses and homeowners can submit projects at and HomeAdvisor matches the prospect with 3 vendors.

BONUS LOVIN: You are 2x as likely to connect with that homeowner if you call them within 15 minutes of them submitting their request. That multiplier jumps to 4x, if you call within ONE  minute!

One secret to getting clients for your cleaning company with HomeAdvisor has to do with reviews. Cleaning companies with 3 or more reviews on their profiles are three times more likely to get the job, and the more reviews you have the better!

Before you start stressing out about not having any reviews- listen to the podcast where Mike and Steffanie talk about how to get your first three and grow from there.

The Second way to get clients for your cleaning company with HomeAdvisor is their Instant Connect Tool.

It’s available on their mobile app and integrates with other Smart Home tools. Apple Watch, Amazon Echo and Apple TV (coming later this year) just to name a few.

Instead of waiting for the 3 vendors to get back with the prospect,  the prospect can be connected immediately and you can get a new client for your cleaning company right then and there. This eliminates the back and forth and competing with other owners  for the same client.

Another way to get clients for my cleaning company is by allowing HomeAdvisor to book appointments directly into your calendar.

They offer a cool calendar sync feature, that allows appointment to be added directly into your calendar by customers.

MORE BONUS LOVIN: Customers are visual and pictures help set you apart from the competition- include lots of before and after shots to make your profile stand out and to get more clients for your cleaning company

Getting set up with HomeAdvisor is easy- visit the website:  You can also call them directly and talk to an account specialist who will custom tailor a program to get your more clients.

They can help you build an online profile and set you up with a mobile app to help you manage and follow up with your prospective clients.

What about the cost around how to get clients for my cleaning company? There is an annual fee (around $350) and a cost per project lead which varies by project. That’s it- no percentages, no headaches, just an annual fee and a small flat fee out of the work that you bring.

How many clients you can expect to get for your cleaning company once you sign up? It depends on where you are located (bigger cities tend to have more traffic).

How well you set up your profile and how quickly you respond to leads. It’s not unreasonable to expect a couple leads per week in a decent sized city, but your best bet is to call a HomeAdvisor account specialist and get answers based on your situation.

FUN FACT: HomeAdvisor gets around 500,000 requests every month.

Mike and Steffanie finish up by sharing that more than HALF of homeowners go to websites like HomeAdvisor to find service providers and nearly 95% will research you online before calling you.

The moral of the story/ podcast/ blog is- If you are looking to get clients for YOUR cleaning business, check out and Grow YOUR Cleaning Company today!


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