CoronaVirus, Core Values & Your Cleaning Business

  • March 19, 2020
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Today we’re jumping right into coronavirus. For this discussion, Mike is giving some information, from his perspective, on how to best LEAD and SERVE during this crazy time; what to expect and not expect; and how to come out of this event strong. Please keep in mind, as Mike mentions, that he is not a doctor or healthcare professional, and he is going by what the best minds out there have said on the subject. He is someone who has been in the cleaning business for over 20 years and these are his thoughts.

The good news and the bad news:

The first thing to remember is that this will be over! Life will eventually move on and not always be isolated like this. The bad news is that this will be hard on the economy. Nobody knows the future for sure, but the consensus is that in the best scenario, things could be better in 2-4 weeks or worst case scenario – up to 6 months. This will take some of the less committed businesses out of the industry. Businesses not willing to jump in and really do the work; stand up and lead; and really take this as an opportunity to serve at a deeper level will not make it. This will separate the wheat from the chaff. The good news is that it will take out the dabblers and people not taking the work seriously. This leaves more space for leaders in industry!

Focus on the things you have control over

This has been a theme for Cleaning Nation wince we started – whether it’s pandemics or selling cleaning services or hiring or leading your team! We’re always going to focus on the things we have influence and control over (ie – how we respond to the world and the things going on in it). We’re not going to focus on the things we cannot control. The best way to NOT lead is to have the “wait and see” or “I don’t know” attitude. Leaders on the other hand, draw a line in the sand and think “This is how I’m going to respond. I’m going to make sure I take the time to serve at a higher level and not freak out.”

A perfect example of this is our Clean Profit Live Event schedule for the end of April. As of right now, we’re going on with business as usual and holding the event. As long as the government does not recommend against it or make it illegal, and as long as the hotel stays open at that time, we’ll do it. Otherwise, if something falls out of our control, we’ll reschedule. We focus on what we CAN do and not what we can’t control.

Mike’s advice on how to come up with plans to deal with coronavirus:

We’re actually going to discuss two plans here: 1) core values and 2) take a stand and lead. So let’s use GMCC as an example and start with our core values of Be Real, Have Fun, Help Out, and Make Money.

Be Real – I am going to be real and preface this by saying I am NOT a doctor or health care professional. I make mistakes. That said, I am choosing to lead to the best of my ability and that includes keeping myself aware of the FACTS (not feelings), and serving you the best I can – even if I screw up. For you that can mean very much the same. Your team and your customers need your leadership!

Have Fun– This has been and always will be a core value for GMCC. Not only it is OK to have fun in the middle of difficulty- it’s necessary. There’s no point in walking around like zombies thinking “I have to be upset. I have to be bummed. The world is happening to me and I no longer happen to it.” As business owners, our first and foremost job is to bend the wold to our vision. As soon as the world’s vision of fear and scarcity takes over, we’re no longer leading, the world is. So it’s really important for us to have fun – even when stuff doesn’t go right.

Help Out – This is my favorite and probably the MOST applicable right now. In times of upset and turmoil, how can we INCREASE our service with increased opportunity? Ask yourself, “What do my clients need the most now and how can I give that to them?” Anticipate their needs and be proactive. Don’t wait for your clients to call you, reach out to them first. Also, have a conversation with your team and go straight to your core values. Instead of employees waiting on you to freak out, tell them what you’re doing first. If someone on your team is unwilling or unable to work, then give them time off in my opinion.

Make Money – The best minds are saying this will be over in 3-12 months. I believe the MOST money to be made is by doubling down on Helping out, Being Real, Having Fun and LEADING during this time – NOT trying to make a “quick buck” off of opportunity. Charge fair with the laws of supply and demand as well as additional risk and work, BUT remember there is always more money in relationships than in circumstance. 

Key Takeaways

  • Focus more time on what we can control not what we can’t.
  • Spend ZERO seconds reading/ thinking / talking about this. That is not strategizing!
  • Lead!! Your people need you – your team AND your clients. This is a test to serve!

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