Cleaning Business Help : 125: Brian Hodge

  • September 09, 2016
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Lost that Lovin Feeling for your Cleaning Business?

Want Some Cleaning Business Help?

Cleaning business help comes in many forms. Today you are going to get a podcast AND blog on how to get your cleaning groove back!

Do you know in your gut that you have the potential to grow your business but just can’t seem to get excited enough to do it anymore? You are in the right place!

Today Mike helps Brian Hodge with Hodge Podge Cleaning Jobs ( get his passion back. Brian needs help finding that fire that used to keep him going and this is where he finds it. Buckle up and lets grow your cleaning company!

Have you ever questioned whether or not you should stay in your cleaning business? Journey with Mike and his first business- a Servicemaster franchise that he poured his life savings into-only to have every single employee quit on the very first day…via yellow sticky note. Ouch!

Mike tripled that business and sold it for a nice profit, but just when life seemed bright, he went through a divorce and lost every ounce of passion (not to mention all of his money). But in those tough times, Mike figured out the secret to reclaiming his original enthusiasm for his business and started something  he never saw coming. Not only did it save his business, it thrived!

Back to you and your business…

Steps to get your passion back!

First, identify where you are now. It’s easy to get caught up in doom and gloom and feel like nothing you do will ever work. You might even just flat out not want to do it anymore and feel like you are beyond any cleaning business help.

PAINFUL TRUTH:  You aren’t getting the results you want because you aren’t doing the right things.

Second, look for help. Half the battle of regaining your passion is acknowledging the problem (you aren’t doing the things that will get you the results you want) and seeking help for your cleaning business.

A good coach can help give you perspective and clarity, but the key is to spend some time reconnecting or maybe even connecting for the first time, with your goals.

Create specific goals. Avoid general goals like:

“I want to grow”

“More systems would be great”

“I don’t want to work so much”

Dig deep and figure out your “WHY”. You may want to make more money but WHY is that money important to you? To your family? Is it to send your kids through college? Earn respect from your friends and family? To buy a Ferrari? 

Be real with yourself.

Don’t give the politically correct “business owner response” because you think you should. Create strong, compelling goals to YOU – based on YOUR reality and how it will affect YOU and your family.

Cleaning Company Help from Core Values

Just as important as your goals are your Core Values- Core Values are the key to the whole operation!

Being real is crucial when it comes to your Core Values. They need to be yours through and through. Every decision you and your employees make in your cleaning business will be affected by those Core Values.

Once you have those goals and your Core Values, it’s time to put them to good use and get the cleaning business help you need!

BONUS TIP: Connect going to work every day with reaching your goals. If you can’t connect those goals to the day to day headache, it is easy to want to give up. 

You are living your Core Values when your work environment gives you energy and enthusiasm and draws the RIGHT people to you like a magnet and (bonus) repels the WRONG people away from you and your business.

It’s Lonely at the Top

Ever feel like your spouse doesn’t understand, your friends have their own problems and is seems as if you are all alone? Finding community is the answer!

Finding a community can mean a lot of things. Online groups are a great start! Take a minute and join the Grow My Cleaning Company Facebook Group:

Local groups, fellow entrepreneurs, coaches and even mastermind groups can give you the cleaning business help you are looking for.

Just when you think you have had all the cleaning business help you can handle, Brian gives back in the Lightning Round. Here are a couple highlights:

  • Don’t give up
  • Underpricing a job is bad
  • Get on Social media

The big take away is you are NOT alone! Community can change your life and your business- start now by leaving a comment and sharing where you are in your business!

If you REALLY want to supercharge your business, email Nathalie- the Producer of the Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast at:

and apply to be a guest on the show. It is totally free and an amazing way to jump in to the Cleaning Nation community and get some help for your cleaning business!

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