Oscar Worthy Origin Story

The year is 1997. A young/ dopey Mike Campion quit his cushy/ high paying job selling cars and bought a Servicemaster Commercial Cleaning Franchise. Just as he was about to take the cleaning world by storm, on his very first day- all of his employees quit.

True story.

Since he had put every penny he had (and borrowed many more pennies) to buy this catastrophe- quitting was not an option if he wanted to continue with the luxuries he had become accustomed to such as living indoors and eating…

He cleaned at night and worked during the day and honestly would have KILLED to have someone….  ANYONE to help him- show him the way, keep him from making so many STUPID mistakes.

After way too many mistakes and a wall of stress, Mike tripled that cleaning franchise and sold it for three times what he paid. That little nest egg allowed him to buy, build and sell several multi million dollar businesses over the next 20 years.


So What And Who Cares??? Talk About Me Already!!!

I share this story with you to let you know WHY we do what we do. After selling my last brick and mortar business (a car dealership). I promised my wife, NO MORE big businesses, employees, stress, headaches and the like.


Again- Why Should I Care??

Again, great question! Having sold my last two businesses for seven figures each, I no longer needed to work so dang hard to pay bills, but being far too young and good looking to retire, and bound by my promise not to start another big business, I decided to put all of my geeky entrepreneurial attention into helping other owners of businesses. This is where you come in…

Why owners of cleaning companies? Because you people are AMAZING! After personally coaching literally HUNDREDS of owners of cleaning companies, I realized you are some of the coolest, hardest working, yet UNDERPAID people in the known universe!!

What Makes You Qualified To Help Me??

I have spent the last 20 years building and selling several multi million dollar businesses, and went on to write an amazing book on how to be a freaking genius when it comes to business, coach hundreds of owners of cleaning companies from startups to companies with tens of millions in revenue, host more than 300 episodes of the Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast, and create the Clean Profit Method. I am even willing to be so bold as to say I know more about helping owners of cleaning companies grow their companies and improve their lives than anyone on the face of the planet!


Enough about me, let’s talk about YOU.

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You want to GROW! You want systems. Dependable, repeatable and SCALABLE systems that consistently bring in the BEST prospective customers and employees.

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Not only that, you want them to come to you already excited, educated and pre sold on just how awesome you are- ready to buy from or start working for your company!!

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You want to stop banging your head into a concrete ceiling that keeps you from getting to the next level. To stop working IN your business and start working on building something amazing!!

I hear you- loud and clear!! That is why I created the Clean Profit Method. The Clean Profit Method is that dependable, repeatable, scalable SYSTEM to grow your cleaning company WITHOUT working like a dog!

If that is scratching where you itch- CLICK HERE to register for our FREE online Master Class and an amazing an no brainer offer on how you can get that bad boy implemented in YOUR cleaning company!