Meet Jolene Vossen. Jolene has been a long time member of the Grow My Cleaning Company Family. She started out as an Accelerator and has since graduated to becoming one of Mike's start 1 on 1 coaching clients and friends. Listen in to hear all about Jolene's story of success!

Meet Craig Kalucki. Craig is one of Mike's original 1 on 1 clients. He started was stressed out, frustrated and working 60 hours a week to keep his cleaning company going. Listen in to hear about Craig's awesome story and transformation from overworked cleaner to successful cleaning company owner and podcast host.

Meet Susie Duncan. Susie was one of our first Accelerator members and one of our favorite people. When Susie joined us she wasn't running her business, her business was running her! She was working 12 hour days, 6-7 hours/ week and not making the profits she knew she could make. Now her business is running smoothly and profitably, she is playing Pickle Ball 3-4X/ week for hours at a time, enjoying life and even lost 54 lbs (Go Susie!).

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Meet John Hancher. John started his company at the tender age of 22 in 2011. Young, broke but determined to make his mark on the world, John researched what industry he could get into and build his very own business. Since then John has grown to 12 employees and no longer cleaning accounts himself!

Meet Danny Bowgett. Danny just recently immigrated to sunny Florida from England with his wife and daughter. Listen in as Danny shares his story from 0 customers to successful cleaning business in 3 months!